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Welcome, Marvin.
Hope you enjoy the list; it's quite entertaining and informative.

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Its Marvin Hunkin from the land of down under a famous song from men at work, from the 80s, when australia 1 won the americas cup.
i live in devonport, tas, australia.
developing a disability web site, a star trek and a 80s music site.
okay looking for some cool star trek, 80s audio stuff.
love star trek, the next-generations, voyager, deep space 9, and enterprise.
love watching the a team, knight rider with kitt the taling car, the dukes of hazzard.
love going out to a good restoraunt , and a good steak and a good beer.
a huge aussie rules fan, of Port Adelaide and Carlton.
a huge national basketabl league we have here in aus, and love watching the basketball on fox sports, as we have pay tv, on austar in tas.
the weather is quite warm today.
and this semester at my college doing certificate four in web design and web admin as part of the diploma in information technology.
live with my folks.
i was watching star trek-the next generations, which stars Patrick Stewart.
probably my favorite episode when he gets kidnapped by the borg, and become Lecutous.
a borg.
but is rescued by data and worf, and they defeat the borg, by data, accessing Picard.
and brings him out of the borg state, and data puts the borg ship to sleep, and then it self destructs.
cheers Marvin.
and ps: also visit my Jaws Australia group at http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/JawsOz/
and my skype is masterblaster40
and now how do i install a mike on the laptop on the campus, and how to use it?

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