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  • Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 18:10:43 -0600

Thanks for the welcome Dana.  I have heard of Juice but currently have just 
chosen to download individual shows from BCT as I see ones that interest me.

I am in the midst of listening to your career cast and I am enjoying it.

I know this list will be a lot of help for any of us neophytes who make up 
our minds to learn the art of digital recording.  It is reassuring to know 
there is help and advice available.

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Hi Joni:
May I say a good and most welcome to both you and your husband!  I'm glad
you like the media casts.  I have only recently learned this new evolution
internet radio stuff myself but I love it and know you will as well.  Do you
have a cast catching client?  Lots of us use a program called Juice,
available in several places on the internet.  This program will allow you
the opportunity to gather several media casts in one place and listen to
them in your choice of the popular media players.  We all try and help each
other here so if there are issues such as your interest in the talking ATM.
machines, please don't hesitate to post with your questions.

Dana Paul Niswonger
Honestly imperfect.
Living Life to It's Fullness
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From: "Joni Colver" <joni.colver@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [bct] Intro and thanks

> Hi everyone,
> I have been listening to BCT podcasts for several months but just joined
> this list.  I have enjoyed so many of the podcasts that I could never
> remember everyone's name to say thanks.  It has been so much fun sharing
> slices of life experiences with people from all over the world.
> Neal I really liked your In The Well podcast.  You did an excellent job of
> describing lots of sensory experiences and your description of being in
> the
> well was a unique perspective.  I hope you will let us know when the
> second
> edition of your book is available.  I also enjoyed hearing the story read
> by
> you.
> Jeff I enjoyed walking in the Minnesota snow with you and meeting your
> wife.
> I share her enthusiasm for roller coasters.  For anyone who likes
> coasters,
> Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is a must visit.  They have over a dozen
> coasters and some of them are truly awesome!  The amusement park is on
> Lake
> Eerie and you can stay at hotels very close to the gates of the park.  The
> last time my husband and I were there we went parasailing which was a
> blast
> too.
> Lynette I have heard about talking ATMs but never actually heard one
> demonstrated.  I would love to use one of them.  How do you activate the
> speech in a talking ATM?  Are any of the keys Brailled or is the keypad
> fairly straightforward and easy to intuit?  I have never even examined an
> ATM, just stood by while my husband did transactions.
> I love the sound seeing tours and career casts.  I am not experienced with
> digital recording in any way, shape or form, but maybe one day I will be
> brave enough to try to learn what so many of you all seem to know so well.
> In the meantime, I look forward to visiting the BCT website every day to
> see
> what is new and listening to the podcasts I download on my Book Port.
> I enjoyed Robert Carter's demonstration of the BrailleNote GPS.  I would
> love to hear a description and demonstration of the Trekker if anyone out
> there is using one.  It seems like the least expensive GPS option for the
> blind that I am aware of, which is why I am considering buying it.
> My husband and I have lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for the past twenty
> years but we are planning to move to Florida in the spring to live near my
> family.  This year my job of twenty years at a local hospital was
> outsourced.  I am now doing medical transcription for the company the work
> was outsourced too and so my job is portable, which is one nice factor in
> many bad factors in losing a 20-year job.
> Thanks Larry for hosting the website and thanks to everyone who adds
> podcasts and makes it such an irresistible place to visit.
> Joni

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