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Hi Maria,

Between voice recognition and outsourcing overseas it is a wonder any of us 
still have jobs as MTs these days.  I know the company I work for is 
feverishly working to perfect their voice recognition so they can dump us 
and raise their bottom line.  I don't think I could stand to be an editor. 
It is bad enough listening to some of the (expletive deleted) we have to 
interpret.  I can't imagine trying to correct a report resulting from voice 
recognition with the lousy job many dictators do in opening their mouths and 
speaking.  I could rant and rant about the changes in this field of work but 
it would put everyone to sleep and raise my blood pressure.  I consider 
myself lucky to have thirty good years under my belt and I survived the 
traumatic loss of my job last spring and am still getting a paycheck.  What 
is that old saying about what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? 
Radiology is the area they are concentrating on initially for voice 
recognition.  Sometimes I do wonder what we will all be doing for gainful 
employment with so many jobs becoming machine automated.

It is nice to meet you.

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Hi Joni,
  I too am fairly new on the BCT list.  My roommate Lynnette had been
telling me so much about it and playing the podcasts that I became hooked.
It's as if I've suddenly found a whole new group of terrific, friendly
folks.  It's just great.
    Like you and Rose, I am--I mean was--a medical transcriptionist.  I
worked at various places for 30 years and was down-sized by the very
equipment on which I was working.  The radiology group I worked for decided
to lower overhead by switching to a voice input program, thus, they did not
need me any longer.


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Subject: [bct] Intro and thanks

> Hi everyone,
> I have been listening to BCT podcasts for several months but just joined
> this list.  I have enjoyed so many of the podcasts that I could never
> remember everyone's name to say thanks.  It has been so much fun sharing
> slices of life experiences with people from all over the world.
> Neal I really liked your In The Well podcast.  You did an excellent job of
> describing lots of sensory experiences and your description of being in
> well was a unique perspective.  I hope you will let us know when the
> edition of your book is available.  I also enjoyed hearing the story read
> you.
> Jeff I enjoyed walking in the Minnesota snow with you and meeting your
> I share her enthusiasm for roller coasters.  For anyone who likes
> Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is a must visit.  They have over a dozen
> coasters and some of them are truly awesome!  The amusement park is on
> Eerie and you can stay at hotels very close to the gates of the park.  The
> last time my husband and I were there we went parasailing which was a
> too.
> Lynette I have heard about talking ATMs but never actually heard one
> demonstrated.  I would love to use one of them.  How do you activate the
> speech in a talking ATM?  Are any of the keys Brailled or is the keypad
> fairly straightforward and easy to intuit?  I have never even examined an
> ATM, just stood by while my husband did transactions.
> I love the sound seeing tours and career casts.  I am not experienced with
> digital recording in any way, shape or form, but maybe one day I will be
> brave enough to try to learn what so many of you all seem to know so well.
> In the meantime, I look forward to visiting the BCT website every day to
> what is new and listening to the podcasts I download on my Book Port.
> I enjoyed Robert Carter's demonstration of the BrailleNote GPS.  I would
> love to hear a description and demonstration of the Trekker if anyone out
> there is using one.  It seems like the least expensive GPS option for the
> blind that I am aware of, which is why I am considering buying it.
> My husband and I have lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for the past twenty
> years but we are planning to move to Florida in the spring to live near my
> family.  This year my job of twenty years at a local hospital was
> outsourced.  I am now doing medical transcription for the company the work
> was outsourced too and so my job is portable, which is one nice factor in
> many bad factors in losing a 20-year job.
> Thanks Larry for hosting the website and thanks to everyone who adds
> podcasts and makes it such an irresistible place to visit.
> Joni

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