[bct] Re: Indianapolis Anyone ABBA?

  • From: "Matt Roberts" <blindbiker@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:33:24 -0500

Let's coordinate and work together on a podcast entry for BCT.  I think it
would be neat to feature the tournament.  I wish I had a digital recorder
last year, because I could have captured that one.
We need to get a recording of the actual bowling as well as the other
activities.  I'll send you a contact number so we can work out details as
time gets closer.

  Where are you from?

                  Matt Roberts

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> Mat this is don ball I will be there.
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> I just listened to part of Larry's podcast about going 
> bowling.  I will be
> at the ABBA tournament in Indianapolis with my family.  I 
> can't bowl because
> I can't wear the shoes, but my dad bowls with a local league 
> in Daytona.  He
> is not blind, but bowls and is a spotter.  I thought I'd 
> report live from
> there and upload an episode to BCT, and also to my Live 
> Remote Podcast.
> Anyone else coming? If other BCT folks are coming, maybe we can work
> together and put a production together.  I will have my 
> laptop with me, so
> just bring your digital recorders, and a storage device so 
> you can back up
> your recordings.
>                   Matt Roberts

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