[bct] Re: Indianapolis Anyone ABBA?

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  • Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:13:19 -0500

Mat this is don ball I will be there.
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Subject: [bct] Indianapolis Anyone ABBA?

I just listened to part of Larry's podcast about going bowling.  I will be
at the ABBA tournament in Indianapolis with my family.  I can't bowl because
I can't wear the shoes, but my dad bowls with a local league in Daytona.  He
is not blind, but bowls and is a spotter.  I thought I'd report live from
there and upload an episode to BCT, and also to my Live Remote Podcast.
Anyone else coming? If other BCT folks are coming, maybe we can work
together and put a production together.  I will have my laptop with me, so
just bring your digital recorders, and a storage device so you can back up
your recordings.

                  Matt Roberts

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