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Greetings Dana.
I'll talk with my high-school sweet heart from seven years ago and see
if she won't talk to you about it. She's moved on from high school, had
a kid, and done quite a few other interesting things besides. Sorry I
myself can't help you, but I'm afraid I don't quite fit the female
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Hi Friends:
I have set aside for the moment 54 posts in my in box to ask for
someone's help from among you.  I work under contract to the state and
this brings me into the local area high schools.  Children who are blind
are aloud to be main streamed here and most of them choose to when they
begin high school.  I do shark training and have made some wonderful new
young friends who are students.  Today, I was made aware of a problem
that one of them is dealing with and I need input from one of you that
might help her decide what to do.  I am afraid you must fit a small
profile in order to give me appropriate feedback.  You need to be
totally blind.  You need to have attended a main stream high school.  Of
course, you need to be female.  If one of you is willing to speak with
me by telephone, I am posting my number once again to this list.
(704) 525-9766
Thanks in advance for my young friend:  Dana

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