[bct] Re: I'll be off line for a few days

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 17:31:51 -0500

MessageHi Neal,

I know how you feel.  My machine is going into the shop later this week for a 
brain transplant LOL
I am lucky enough to have a backup machine to do some work on when the big 
machine is acting up.



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  Good luck with your computer repairs. We'll be looking forward to chatting 
with you soon!
  Sincerely, Jamie D.
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    Hello all, Tomorrow morning I have to take my computer to be repaired.  
Hopefully I will have it back by Friday, but it would appear that I will be out 
of touch for a few days.  The podcasts I am working on will have to wait until 
I have a working computer.

    I tried giving my computer scotch to cure its troubles, but alas, that 
didn't work.  So, I gave the scotch to myself instead.  I will be around for 
the rest of today and after that, I'll see you all in the ether in a few days.



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