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  • Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:27:14 -0500

well unless they have changed the design of the id mate II.  there is   a 
charger jack, a mic jack and and earphone jack across the top. 
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  No there is not there are 3 jacks the power jack the scanner han held unit 
jack which it is plugged into already and a ear phone / head phone jack.

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  This is James and Marsha Macchi.  I unpacked my Id mate 2.  The instructions 
talked about three jacks.  1.  a power jack for the power cord and charger.  I 
was able to attach the power cord.  

  2.  I saw the second jack for the scanner.  The scanner appears to be already 
to the Id Mate 2.  Please tell me if there is anything that I need to do.  

  James and Marsha Macchi


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