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Ok, which one of us is doing any driving?  I just want to know so I can stay
off the streets and highways.  (Big smile)

Maria R.

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> Some of this advice is good, some bad.  If the name and address on your
> check does not match that on your id or driver's license, most places will
> not accept the check.  Using initials is a good way to have your check
> rejected by a merchant.  Using that by mail is not a problem, but in
> person, it just isn't a good idea.
> There is no verified case of a hotel placing more than rudimentary
> information on the plastic card room keys.  While it is possible, it has
> not happened and probably won't as they are interested in efficiency, not
> plethora of information that is already in their computer to begin with.
> The advice about calling the various fraud lines is particularly relevant.
> Dan

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