[bct] IBM Via Voice with Linux

  • From: Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:52:10 +1100

I can't really help concerning speakup as I've never run it. However,
I currently run Emacspeak on a Debian testing (etch) box with IBM's
ViaVoice.  In fact, except for a Dell X300 laptop with Windows XP and
window-eyes, which I have at work, Debian and emacspeak with IBM
Viavoice is all I run. 

From what little I inow, I think you have to install both the Debian
Linux source package and the Speakup package and then rebuild your
kernel. There is a package under Debian which will assist in building
a new kernel and making a debian package of it so that you can install
it like any other debian kernel package. 

Have you tried asking for assistance on the speakup mailing list? I'm
not on that list, but I do remember once that one did exist.

I can say that ViaVoice for Linux works well under Debian. There are a
couple of little 'gotchas' you need to watch out for. 

1. You need to convert the ViaVoice RPM packages into Debian DEB
   packages with the alien program. 

2. The ViaVoice libraries etc will be put under /opt/IBM/ibmtts and
   you will need to change permissions on the directories to allow
   non-root users to access the libraries. 

3. The user you run as (never run as root) needs to be in the 'audio'
   group to have access to the soundcard 

4. ViaVoice uses a eciini file which has the path to the language
   shared library, you will need to make sure the eciini file you use
   has the correct path.

5. You will need to add the directory containing the shared libraries
   into the ld.so.conf file i.e. /opt/IBM/ibmtts/lib
   and you will need to run the ldconf program to update things.

There is probably more, but I can't remember just now. By the way,
where did you obtain your ViaVoice runtime environment for Linux?



Chetan Bakhru writes:
 > Hi all,
 > Has anyone here used the Speakup screen reader with the IBM Via Voice
 > synthesizer under Debian Linux 3.1 (Sarge)?  I want to learn Linux,
 > and I currently have it running inside of a Virtual Machine, and
 > whenever I want to use it I have to telnet or SsH into the Linux
 > machine from my Windows XP machine and use it with JAWS.  I want to be
 > able to install Linux on my laptop and use it without having to use it
 > in a VM, but I can't figure out how to compile Speakup as a module (I
 > don't want it starting up with the system) and I also want to use
 > software synths because I don't have a hardware one.  If anyone can
 > help I would really appreciate it.
 > Thanks,
 > Chetan

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