[bct] Re: IBM Via Voice with Linux

  • From: "Chetan Bakhru" <bubblywubblyhindu@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:47:58 -0800


I use VM Ware Workstation version 5.5.  Maybe I can do a podcast on it
and demonstrate a few of it's features.  It's pretty accessible; it's
got a simple wizard for creating virtual machines, and what I do
before starting up my VM is unloading JAWS to free up some memory and
then press control b to start the VM.  After that, press alt+enter
twice to switch to full-screen mode, and then you can use it just like
a real PC.  If you're using a CD in your virtual machine, before
unloading your screen reader, you would tell the virtual machine
software to use either your PC's physical CD drive or an ISO image,
depending on which one you want to use.  For Linux, just download the
ISO and tell it to use that as the VM's CD drive.  If you're using an
XP unattended CD physically, just tell it to use the PC's drive.  If
you need more help let me know.


On 3/20/06, Rick Harmon <rickharmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I didn't know there were any VM's that were accessible.  Which one do you
> use?  I'd like to be able to test my unattended xp install cd's on a VM.
> Rick
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> Subject: [bct] IBM Via Voice with Linux
> Hi all,
> Has anyone here used the Speakup screen reader with the IBM Via Voice
> synthesizer under Debian Linux 3.1 (Sarge)?  I want to learn Linux,
> and I currently have it running inside of a Virtual Machine, and
> whenever I want to use it I have to telnet or SsH into the Linux
> machine from my Windows XP machine and use it with JAWS.  I want to be
> able to install Linux on my laptop and use it without having to use it
> in a VM, but I can't figure out how to compile Speakup as a module (I
> don't want it starting up with the system) and I also want to use
> software synths because I don't have a hardware one.  If anyone can
> help I would really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Chetan
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