[bct] Hybrid car trickery

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Angie, no, we don't need hover cars.  We need to give everyone who
drives a car that works like the robotic vacuum cleaner that Larry and
others have demoed on the BCT site.  That way, drivers will get fed up
because their car will go where it wants to go and not where they want
it to go.  In a few weeks, people will give up and start walking and the
world will be much quieter.


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OK! I've got the perfect solution!

All cars need to be hovercars!

It will be expensive and time-consuming, but I think most will agree
that it would solve all our problems! <grin>

On a serious note, this is something that worries me, too. Even with
audible signals, how are we going to know if some 
idiot isn't paying attention?

I guess we just do the best we can.


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