[bct] Re: Hybrid car silence, a fly in the ointment

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Of course, the other side of the coin is that cities would scream , "So,
we have to put noise makers on every light at every corner?"  I could
see a long, drawn out fight rather like what happens when insurance
companies try to get the other person's company to pay.  And so, in the
mean time, that company that makes the $1000 cane will actually sell
lots of products which will, in the end, weaken our case.  Ah yes, my
friends, it's an interesting world out there.

I have it.  Ah! Why didn't I think of this first.  All of us who are
blind will go buy hybrid cars and start driving them all over town.
Now, there's a problem someone would have to solve.  Oh well, I'm afraid
I know the solution.  There would be a lot of BCT podcasts made from


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Here in Akron Ohio we have no audible crossings at all.  There was one
the  University of Akron but its not working any longer.  We are in a
of about 300,000
I don't know why we don't have any here.



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I wish we had the audible walk and don't walk signs. I wonder how
prevalent they are even in most big cities. I imagine that Louisville
was able to get them easier than most because of KSB and APH.


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