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Lol. My cat's such an old lady she's always sound asleep by the time the
thing goes off. Lol. Our younger cats were fascinated by it. They knew about
when it was due to go off and they'd watch it rake the stuff into the tray.

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No, I don't think you can own a cat.  It has been said that dogs have owners
while cats have staff.  lol.
 By the way, I was told about someone with cats who was given one of these
cat boxes that, when used,  the deposit activated an electric gizmo that
stirred up the litter and dumped it into a receptacle below.  Trouble was,
it made quite a noise and the cats who were suppose to use it were scared of
it and ran from it.
The cat owner/staff said he thought the cats thought perhaps this thing was
a cat compactor.

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