[bct] Re: How easy is the 3650 keypad?

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Has anyone on this list used the new "screenless phone?" That would be the
Oasis 22c. I've read somewhere, and it may have been on this list, that the
battery life isn't very good and call quality lacks a little. I don't know
how to refute this without using one, and a $195 experiment with a $39.95
per month T-Mobile plan is a bit risky. That may not be a bad way to go,
though. I'm in such a quandry that my hair hurts. <smile>  BTW: The
AccessWatch podcast 6 deals with my cell phone thoughts. Check it out.

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I own one, but I haven't used it for well over a year.  You can get use to
the keys, but the memory is limited, and if you want to use either Talks or
MobileSpeak on it you have to get the 8 bit synth version instead of the 16
bit version, which slows down the speech and isn't nearly as clear or
responsive.  That phone was discontinued quite awhile ago.  You would be
better to try to find a Nokea 6600 on EBay or from soneone who was moving up
to something newer.  The 6600 will take 16 bit speech synth, and has ba much
better browser also.  But, since the 6600 is also discontinued you probably
can find one that someone doesn't want any more pretty cheap.

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: In August, I intend to switch from Alltel to T-Mobile. I have a chance to
: purchase a Nokia 3650 with Talks installed for a really good price. The
: thing that bothers me is how I will get used to the arrangement of the
: on the 3650? I've never looked at one, so I was wondering if you all could
: comment. Thanks.
: Jamie Pauls, MT-BC
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