[bct] Re: How easy is the 3650 keypad?

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  • Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 21:37:42 -0600

I suspect that part of my problem is the small plan I want, $29.95 per
month. I'm sure that the more expensive plans offer better phones. I may
purchase the 3650 offered to me and get used to the odd keypad. We'll see.


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    You know that the 3650 has a rounded key layout?  If you can do it, try
to get the 3660 instead, still not a true rectangular layout but closer and
even this phone requires some adaptation.  It's still the best overall
experience I've found in cell phones when combined with the Talks program.
I called T-Mobile, my provider, and they sold me one for $75 with a month's
free service after six months of owning the phone.  My service is 69.95 plus
tax and whatever, so it was basically free.  It all depends on what you can
talk them into.  Yes, before you ask, I did have to add a year of
involuntary servatude!
Jeff Armstrong

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Subject: [bct] How easy is the 3650 keypad?

In August, I intend to switch from Alltel to T-Mobile. I have a chance to
purchase a Nokia 3650 with Talks installed for a really good price. The only
thing that bothers me is how I will get used to the arrangement of the keys
on the 3650? I've never looked at one, so I was wondering if you all could
comment. Thanks.

Jamie Pauls, MT-BC
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