[bct] Re: How clumcy is the Edirol R1

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Krister, the r9 is smaller.  I don't have the r1 but I think I remember
hearing that it was about twice the size of the r9.  The r9 does not
have most of the effects settings of the r1, but it does have the
reverb.  The r9 will probably be out in April.


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Hi there,
I ordered the Edirol R1 a while back as someone here might remember, 
however i fear i've made a mistake. If you were to compare it with other

portable devices we know, how clumcy is the R1 in a field situation. I 
take it it's not as small and neat as an MD recorder, but is it as big 
as a casette recorder for example the APH Handy portable one or is it 
bigger? I ask this since i'm terrible at measurements, in fact cm, mm, 
inches or such don't tell me  anything so i have to compare it with 
another device so i know what i'm doing. I've heard that the R09 was to 
be smaller and more directed towards journalists or such which is what i

want, i don't want reverbs and such stuff and if i'm lucky, i may be 
able to cancel the order before it's too late.

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