[bct] Re: How about a Liz and Shelly cast?

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I would actually be willing to compile the questions if Larry doesn't have
the time to do it.  Just send them as you would any other post. I'll keep
track of who sent the question as well as the question itself. When we get a
fair number, 15 or 20, I'll forward the document to Larry.

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That sounds like a great idea. I've enjoyed the podcasts where Larry and Liz
go grocery shopping, or do other chores.
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> Here is my idea for a podcast. We all submit questions we'd like for 
> Liz and Shelly to answer. Larry compiles them, sits the girls down and 
> reads the questions to them, giving us credit for the question. Then 
> Liz and Shelly get to answer our questions. We will, of course, be 
> kind to them and won't ask them anything they wouldn't want to answer. 
> It just strikes me that they may have no idea how much a part of our 
> lives they are? That may be a bit unsettling to them, actually. To 
> they really know what Larry is doing for the blind community with his 
> podcast? I'll bet they don't. What do you think, Larry?
> Jamie Pauls, MT-BC
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