[bct] How To: Stop JAWS from speaking Crash Words

  • From: "Matthew Horspool" <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:52:04 -0000


I'm sending this message to try and clear up the problems JAWS users are 
having.  If the admins want to throw me off the list, so be it.  I 
recommend changing your Speech Synthesizer for this process, or if using 
eloquence, be very careful not to read what you have typed.

1.  From within JAWS, press JAWSKey+D to envoke the JAWS Dictionary 

2.  Now press JAWSKey+NumRow6 for the Configuration Manager.

3.  Press ALT+S for the Set Options Menu, and T for Text Processing.

4.  Tab to the Dictionary Processing check box and make sure it is 
checked.  NOTE: this may impair the useability of the dictionary manager 
because you will not hear what the original word sounds like.

5.  OK all the dialogs and close the configuration manager, making sure 
to save your changes.

6.  You should now be back in the dictionary manager.  Press 
CTRL+SHIFT+D to load the default.jdf file.

7.  Press the Space Bar on the Add Button.

8.  In the Actual Word edit box, type "c,a,e,s,u,r,*" (without the 
quotes or the commas).

9.  In the Replacement Word edit box, type ceasur.

10.  Press the OK Button.

11.  Add another word, Original Word = "h,apostrophe,v,*" (without the 
quotes and commas, changing appostrophe to the correct punctiation 
synbol).  Replacement Word = hav.

12.  OK all the dialogs and close the dictionary manager, making sure to 
save your changes.

JAWS should now speak all crash words without crashing.

NOTE: this fix may not work in MSN Messenger, where the dictionary 
manager is processed differently.

I hope this helps,
Matthew Horspool 

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