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Phil and list.  You can also jump by sentences with the up and down
arrow.  This assumes a certain pause between sentences and if there is a
lot of background noise in the file it may not work, but it is a handy
way to navigate.  Of course, it will go to the next pause in the speech
and if there is a lot of noise or people don't leave a pause between
some sentences, you could be taken quite a ways in the file and you
don't have any idea, other than looking at the time elapsed at the
bottom of the screen, how far you have gone.  You can also set how much
noise will be taken into consideration when separating sentences,
although some of Larry's walks to work would not work here because there
is probably more noise than Studio Recorder is able to handle.  I know,
he's just a noisy guy.  Speaking of noise, I don't think I have heard
Jake bark once.  Of course, he isn't supposed to on the job.  OK Larry,
here is the chance to get Jake involved in podcasting.  You should let
him do part of a podcast introduction you use.  Just a thought.  Jake
paid me to say that, but I think I'll save the bone for later..


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Hi Folks,
Because of the large number of BCT podcasts I have developed a system
listening to them quicker.
I installed the latest beta of Studio Recorder and use that to listen to
mp3 files.
I use Juice to download them to my,
h:\podcasts\Blind Cool Tech\
folder but instead of hitting enter on a file I use the context menu key

between the right alt and control keys or shift f10.
Then I arrow down to  open with Studio Recorder and hit enter. I shift
tab over to Studio Recorder then when I hit the space bar, the 
podcast starts up instantly.
I then use the f8 key to speed it up a bit and the f3 key to compress
file without changing the pitch.
If I want to slow it down a bit I use shift f3 or shift f8.
I skip forward a little by hitting right arrow and skip forward a larger

amount by hitting alt right arrow.
And skip backwards by using left arrow or alt left arrow.
It's quick and easy so I hope you try it.

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