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        Mary & list, 
Around the United States (and in other countries) human waste is still spread 
on agricultural land.  It is called domestic wastewater treatment plant sludge, 
and the regulations for land application are closely monitored.  In the U.S. 
those regulations are more strict than for domestic septage sludge, which is 
also spread on agricultural land.  There are a variety of treatment processes 
to stabilize the wastewater sludge before land application, and the end product 
has soil conditioning qualities and contains nutrients similar to commercial 
Mike Justice, 
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  Slithy, three cheers for your post! Thank you for taking the time to send it. 
I do respect the previous one (from Jeff, I think), although I, also, disagree 
with it. 

  Just a few random thoughts, and these are just directed to anyone who is 
interested, and feel free to correct my vague memory; In China, for many 
centuries, human solid waste was, and maybe still is,  used for fertilizer. I 
read a book years ago about a girl who grew up in the 1950's when Mao's great 
leap forward was going on; she was quite young, only about 8 or 9 years old, 
but had to work out in the country when she wasn't in school, and spent a lot 
of time hauling buckets of human waste around, to spread in the fields. Also, 
think of all the birds and beasts who shower their wastes on crops every day, 
including people's gardens; and you don't know what the ladybug or bee has been 
into, before coming to your flowers and plants. 


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