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Oy, Neal, don't leave the list.  Perhaps this discussion needs to go off list.


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 like this one and I will be forced to leave the list.
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       Well, I'll try to straighten    out what you seemed to have missed.  I 
stated that I already understand    the electrochemical processes that take 
place in the human body, as a matter    of fact, I discussed this in advance of 
Dan's podcast.  I feel that I am    doing fairly well defending my points 
against two self-admitted geniuses of    the highest order.  I don't know it 
all or even a small part as will be    confirmed later in history when so much 
more is learned.  You have a    terrible habit of trying to tell me what I 
think or to interpret my attempts    to converse with you.  I guess I'm just 
not as intelligent or learned as    you two seem to be so I have to work with 
what I've got.  I'd say,    though, that if one makes a claim, one is 
responsible for backing it up, you    have not.  And, by the way, it is, most 
definitely,  a legal    requirement to save people.  It is called the good 
samaritan law in    Minnesota and it has been enforced and individuals pr
 for violating    the law.  It is a punishable crime to knowingly allow another 
to suffer    or die when you could have done something about it.  Look it up 
with your    superior researching skills.  

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