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Many more messages like this one and I will be forced to leave the list.

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Slythy <mailto:mcg907@xxxxxxxxx> ,
    Well, I'll try to straighten out what you seemed to have missed.  I
stated that I already understand the electrochemical processes that take
place in the human body, as a matter of fact, I discussed this in
advance of Dan's podcast.  I feel that I am doing fairly well defending
my points against two self-admitted geniuses of the highest order.  I
don't know it all or even a small part as will be confirmed later in
history when so much more is learned.  You have a terrible habit of
trying to tell me what I think or to interpret my attempts to converse
with you.  I guess I'm just not as intelligent or learned as you two
seem to be so I have to work with what I've got.  I'd say, though, that
if one makes a claim, one is responsible for backing it up, you have
not.  And, by the way, it is, most definitely,  a legal requirement to
save people.  It is called the good samaritan law in Minnesota and it
has been enforced and individuals prosecuted for violating the law.  It
is a punishable crime to knowingly allow another to suffer or die when
you could have done something about it.  Look it up with your superior
researching skills.  
    And, just because you determine, by your personal standards that
another's words are rambling, does not make it so, you have "Steve Byers
syndrome", and I hope it doesn't cause you the problems it caused him.
Believing yourself to have the final say on value judgements about the
work and life and opinions of others is a form of delusion.  I bow to
your superior intellect but never will I allow another to force their
opinions and beliefs down my throat as being the truth just because they
say so.  You should become a life coach, a reference to the television
series, "bullsh*t" check it out, I find it fun and enlightening. As I
have bowed to your superior abilities, and admitted my only normal
intellect and admitted that unlike some people, I don't have all the
answers, you must now take your prize and leave the playing field.  I
had tried to start other subjects to allow for a more relaxed
conversational situation to emerge but this message shows that I will be
brow beaten even on the subject of weight loss or anything else I wish
to talk or ask about.  So color me gone, good luck with your position as
Jeff Armstrong

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Actually, Jeff, I called it a rambling diatribe, and it was rambling
from my point of view because I have to be very organized in my writing.

Point by point answers follow, wandering along the path you took.

A lot of Christians do believe that hypnosis can let the devil enter
your body, so what you got was a dose of religion, not chiropractic.  I
believe some Muslims believe the same thing - not sure about that. 

I can quote cure unquote people of asthma by getting them off grains -
if, in fact, they have a grain allergy causing asthma.  If they are not
allergic to grains, then there is no help I have for them.  There are
remedies for a lot of things, but someone who promises a cure is either
deluded or falsely advertising things - or a miracle worker of some

Yet we have doctors promising vast weight losses from surgery and I had
an MD promise me that if I saw him every three months forever that I
would never lose the v ision in my good eye - and I consider that to be
a spurious claim on his part.  So it goes on all over -  listen to the
claims on TV sometimes - the lawyer who will win you millions, the car
that will make you young and popular, etc.  It is usually called
"puffing" and considered a part of marketing.  

Intriguingly, I found your email regarding Dan's podcast insulting from
the get go but chose not to respond in kind.  Nor did he.  In fact, I
did not attack you, I merely observed your post was rambling and sounded
like science fundamentalism, which I'm pretty used to hearing.  It used
to pain me to no end that Carl Sagan was a science fundamentalist
because he could not see the dicotomy in his description of the cosmos
that he could not confirm in person and his belief that he had to
quanitify the unquantifiable. 

As regards your aunt, you sounded angry.  In social work I met a lot of
angry people and I tend to recognize anger and sarcasm when I experience
it.  I am a wordsmith - a writer, a researcher, a student of human
behavior and expression.  Frankly, you sounded angry.  

Also, I have never claimed to see an aura, in fact, I have disclaimed
being able to see auras.  You confuse me with Dan.  I'm not Dan.  

Legally, there is no requirement for someone to save someone else.
Surprised?  I sure was.  If you see someone drowning you do not have to
attempt to save them.  The chiro was not legally obligated to refer.
Morally, yes, I would agree to that.  

I've never met a chiro who thought he could do anything.  You must have
met some real doozies.  

As to death being natural - children die at birth, they die as little
kids, they die of cancer and cystic fibrosis and all sorts of things.
People die as adults, as young adults and as elderly adults.  Death,
even death from cancer, even death from cancer at 53 is not an unnatural
thing.  It is sad.  We do not know if it was needless or not, since my
experience with life and death is different from yours.  I felt my
mother's death from cancer at age 62 was one of the most profound
tragedies in my life at the time, but I have also come to understand
that it was also one of the most profound learning and growth
experiences in my life.  I believe that we come to this world and live
in this world and leave this world with intention.

I actually wasn't ranting.  Sorry you feel that way.  

As to photography, are you aware that without photography that there
would be no microchip in the computer you use and that is demonstration
of the scientific use of photography in action?  Are the photographs
from the Hubble non-scientific?  The photographs from electron
microscopes?  And, to be honest, at the pixel level I can always spot a
photo that has been altered.  I do graphics.  I can manipulate images.
You can detect it pretty easily if you simply have the tools to look.
Just as voice prints can be manipulated and one can detect that
manipulation with the right level of sophisticated tools.

As to electrical energy in the body - it is electrical energy that makes
your heart beat.  Our neurons in our body use chemical energy which is a
form of electrical activity.  

Actually, doctors not being god has nothing to do with religion, it has
to do with people acting as if doctors are god.  They are not. 

You are wrong, people do still rub two sticks together to start a fire
all over the world - including boy scouts and girl scouts.  Oops.  And
it is merely another method of creating fire - it is not primitive - it
is different.  

If we only used useful things we would not do much of what we do even in
so called modern medicine.  We would not have lobotomized people.  We
would not continue to force children to take antipsychotics just to calm
them down when they are not psychotic.  We would not administer
antipsychotics to elderly persons in nursing homes to make them easier
to control - even though they are not psychotic.  That is useful,
certainly, but also morally reprehensible.  As bad as driving devils out
of little children and killing them in the process or doing rebonding
with small children and killing them.  

If genetic blindness is such a problem, why does it still exist?
Wouldn't all those genes have been bred out of the population through
death of the weak link?  I'm sorry, the argument you made fails.  

As to my providing you scientific proof of an aura, I don't see that is
my responsibility or that of Dan.  That is silly - I could equally
demand that you prove it does not exist, which you cannot do.   In all
honesty, I don't have the time to do your research for you so I guess
you wil l have to dig it up on your own - or not, as you chose.  You are
certainly free to participate in the skeptic.com mentality of attempting
to quote debunk unquote something by saying it isn't so, but it appears
to me that you are talking from a point of lack of knowledge and daring
others to provide you with something you would never accept if it fell
in your lap.  That's really rather sad as I consider the impossible all
the time - and often find it is possible.  

We still disagree - and I suspect we will continue to disagree. 

Slithy - back to researching - but not auras

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