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  • Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 19:06:10 -0500

Jeff, let me address your post, a point at a time.

Aura study has nothing to do with any form of health care, Western or Eastern, excepting that some can use it as a diagnostic tool. It has proven to be accurate to about 75% for those who use it as such.

A chiropractor is not a cancer specialist and any good one will happily tell you that. You do not go to a chiropractor for cancer any more than you go to an electrician to fix the plumbing. Each form of medicine, allopathic or holistic, has a place and good practitioners know their place and quickly refer when their areas of knowledge are surpassed.

Let me gently say that your faith in Western medicine is very badly misplaced. If it is so great, why does the US have a higher infant mortality rate than China? In fact, our infant mortality rate is behind 38 other nations, most of whom practice a mixture of medical systems.

Western medicine is built on a basis of many indigenous medical systems. Our pharmacopia contains more than 75% of products taken directly from natural sources with a minimum of processing. Western medicine is no better than Chinese herbal medicine and accupuncture or the ayur vedic medical system of the Hindus in India. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. A truly advanced medical practitioner knows the strengths of each system and knows when to call in the accupuncturist, the homeopath, the chinese herbalist and the chiropractor.

You would lose if you put the success rate of Western medicine above other systems, particularly for specific diseases like diabetes, where the Chinese traditional system has many advantages. Western medicine may know how to prolong life, but at what cost, both in terms of life quality and money?

I discussed the evidence for auras in my podcast. Many have the ability to sense them, and they correlate very well with other forms of testing. Since each person sensing an aura is an individual, submitting that ability to some kind of peer reviewed test is impossible, just like measuring musical talent is impossible except in a subjective manner. Note that most so-called scientific tests in the area of medicine use bad statistics and worse experimental methods and are untrustworthy, very often..

You do have an aura, and I could sense it were you here and many others could, too. Seeing is just one way to sense auras as I noted, if you listened to the entire cast. They are often felt rather than seen.

The photographic technique that Kiril used is as much proof as you or anyone else should need. The very fact that the aura of each person is different indicates that information is being carried there just as the modulation of radio waves carries information. This photographic technique is easily replicated with a few dollars worth of equipment, so we are not talking about some esoteric experiment that only one person did.

Your comment about broadcasting jewelry preferences suggests you perhaps did not really pay attention to my cast on auras. I noted that that was just one thing that could be detected and talked about noting knee injuries for another person. And, why would you think that the color of clothing or jewelry a personwears is insignificant. How much information that you receive each day is of vital importance? Surely you hear, feel, smell and taste many things that are not of vital importance to your survival.

Purpose has nothing to do with the aura. To use your example, a piece of jewelry will definitely affect the auric field just as a 1 khz sine wave interposed on a radio signal will modulate it. If we are sensing the subtle coronal discharge as an aura, surely everything affects it, particularly the metal of jewelry.

Since we have more questions regarding the intricacies of evolution than answers, your question in that area may never be answered. You are correct, the aura has an evolutionary purpose, and perhaps, if we were not so hide bound by our culture, we would be able to use it more fully as animals probably do. It could easily explain why some animals are instantly attracted to certain people and not others. It definitely is a candidate to explain why children often know who not to go to as they can, somehow, sense an abuser.

You need not copy all those reports of allopathic medicin's triumphs. For every one of those, there is a report or a story that will show the same success for alternative forms. Just because there is not as much literature extant about accupuncture does not mean it is not one of the most effective pain treatment modalities in the world. Even the AMA has finally admitted this.

The hands on techniques that you refer to as useful all have origins with indiginous peoples, most of them from Asia and Africa. A great many techniques that you might refer to as bunk are as vital and proven as the techniques you seem to believe are okay. One must have a wide open mind when it comes to medicine.

Truth is, the average life expectancy was only that short, 35 years, during the years of the middle ages. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Summarians lived as long as we do, and Homo erectus lived an easy 70 years as long as 3.5 million years ago. Long life spans are actually nothing new at all.

Nobody here has suggested the use of rhino horn or tiger penis, but if they did, have you proof one way or the other about their usefulness? For many years, very many years, religious types proclaimed the evil of wine, yet now, we know that a moderate amount is a health boon. I am not suggesting it is okay to kill off a species to get those few things, but it might be useful for analyses to take place to see if there are phrmaceutically active ingredients in those rare items that could be synthesized for the benefit of all.

There is nothing different between biofeedback and aura/reike/therapudic touch healing. It is just that one is easily turned into a Western gizmo that people can use, but biofeedback is as old as shamanic practice all over the world.

You see, scientific studies are only a tiny fraction of the answer to anything. First, there are too many things in this world to expose them all to a double blind, peer reviewed study. Secondly, most studies are poorly designed, poorly analyzed and cannot eliminate random elements, even if they try. Humans are not machines that can be put into a test tube and get predictable answers. That is why so-called anecdotal evidence is more valuable than seemingly objective scientific experimentation.

I have used homeopathy to heal people, yet most doctors and medical researchers scoff at it. I scoff at them because they are so narrow minded they could see through akeyhole with both eyes.

Supposed to be logical, thinking humans? Jeff, perhaps you are thinking of Vulcans, but not humans. Logic is only a small part of our makeup, and it is a good thing because logic, as useful as it is, is but a fraction of the human equation.

You appear to put absolute faith in Western medicine, so it is fair of you to allow that others can put absolute faith in other medical forms. However, I would suggest that a rational approach takes the best of each system and uses it to greatest advantage. Dr. Andrew Weil practices and teaches what he has coined "integrative medicine." He spent time in the Amazon rain forest learning natural remedies from shamen there and is a grad of Harvard Medical. He realizes that most alternative systems have good things to offer and he trains Western style physicians in these integrative techniques. He has learned to take the best from all systems and put it together.

You might note that as China is adopting some Western medical techniques, we are adopting many traditional Chinese techniques.

I must offer an objection to your use of the word modern as a synonym for Western medicine. The implication here is that non-Western medical forms are not modern, hence backwards or not fit for our use. This is simply untrue and a fallacy of the first order. Western, or allopathic medicine has things to offer just as do all other medical forms. The enlightened medical practitioner will know the best of all available systems, or know who to call upon for that expertise.

Actually, the principles of vaccinations were understood two thousand years ago and by 1780, Samuel Hahnemann in Germany was using homeopathy, which utilizes minute doses like vaccines, to cure diseases as diverse as smallpox and malaria.

Very often Jeff, heads of state will go to Europe or Israel or Thailand or Bombay for medical treatment, too. They may come here for some things, but other places for other things. We do not have the corner on good medicine.

I am not sure where you are talking about, but many, perhaps most places in this world do not allow urinating in the street. Our media and reports from Western style missionaries have given a very distorted picture of the rest of the world. On the farms, even here in the US, it is common for people in the back 40 to let fly with that morning coffee in the fields, it is not a problem. There is very good evidence that many older and even ancient civilizations were cleanliness fanatics. It is true that dirt and poverty went together, they still do, and our own inner cities prove this very well, so we have by no means gotton rid of some of the unclean conditions that have always accompanied humans.

We treat waste materials because with a world population of 6.3 billion, we have no choice. Were we but 1% of that, waste would be a non issue.

Western medicine is by no means the best medicine, and well researched may, very sadly, be more of a joke than not. Viox was supposedly well researched, so was thalidimide.

Research is valuable, but we must realize that it is only one facet of the process of gaining knowledge.

What is and what is not scientific fact is, itself, a subject for some considerable debate. You cannot put most things in a test tube and the lack of scientific evidence does not mean a thing, frankly. There is no scientific evidence for or against the ability to perceive auras, this has nothing to do with whether or not they exist. It is very difficult to prove a negative, in fact, there is no point. There are many experiences of the human mind, spirit and body that cannot be tested by the techniques of science merely because science is not advanced enough. Two hundred years ago, it was not possible to measure a voltage, yet it was well known that there was such a thing as electrical current. People felt heat for millions of years before the thermometer was invented, but the lack of measuring instruments did not mean there was no heat. X-rays existed from the time of the big bang, but until the Chandra x-ray observatory in space, we could not detect them, did they not exist until Chandra was launched?

To tell the truth, Jeff, there is no such thing as scientific fact. There are facts that scientific experiments have verified, facts that they have not verified because nobody has bothered to try, and facts that cannot yet be verified because the knowledge and instrumentation do not yet exist to do so.

Thanks for your post, discussion is always a goodness.


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