[bct] Re: Holistic health-- auras - western medicine.

  • From: Slythy_Tove <mcg907@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 15:43:18 -0800 (PST)


I'm the one who talked about the chiro, not Dan.  Your intial statement implied 
your aunt died of cancer because she went to a chiro, as if he were responsible 
for her cancer and not diagnosing it.  That is why we have choices of medical 
practitioners, is it not?  If the chiro did talk her out of a second opinion 
with an M.D. then that was inappropriate on his part.  No one should ever 
interfere with someone getting a second opinion, whether in law or medicine or 
lawn maintenace personnel.  You did not clarify that when you first posted. 

Regarding auras, if you have never attempted to feel or experience an aura, you 
can reject its existence, but you do so out of ignorance.  I can reject the 
existence of lava because I have never personally seen it, but I would do so 
out of ignorance.  If I go to a volcano that is actively erupting and still say 
there is no lava then my reality is not one shared with others.  If I fall in 
and walk across the lake of lava with no harm and no shared sense of realtity 
with others then I am probably from another dimension or one of the fire 
walkers in the extreme.  Make sense?   Or lets make it easier and say that were 
I totally deaf I could deny that others hear sounds because I could not 
experience them and that would be from an inability to percieve or if I had 
never been around persons who spoke, it would be from an ignorance of their 
existence.  The good thing about ignorance of any subject is that it can always 
be cured through experience or knowledge.

I have never had anyone yet who did not learn how to feel auras that I worked 
with, however, if you and I ever meet and you are the first one not to learn to 
feel them, then you have a valid argument.  Until then, I don't see evidence of 
their non-existence.  This is sort of like arguing the non-existence of god - 
it is almost impossible to do because it is an ephemerial sort of 

Indeed, I felt your post was stating Western medicine was the only way and that 
would be an error, just as if I were to say that only auric healing was valid 
then I would be in error.

Insofar as I am aware, all scientific testing is, at its core, subject to 
change without notice.  The speed of light may have been faster in the past 
than now, or slower.  We do know that particles change behavior during 
observation.  We can demonstrate that people can share delusions.  In fact, if 
one considers the arguments made by physicists who believe the universe is 
holographic, then we may be in a consensus reality which is changed through a 
critical mass of people holding a certain belief.  I believe this is called the 
100th Monkey theory.

This may be why some scientific testing comes out with low fat as the be all 
and end all of diets and people can supposedly prove it while other people can 
find as much, if not more justification for low-carb diets.  Observation 
changes results.  The subject wants to please the tester, even if the subject 
is not what we consider "conscious."

Urinating in the streets takes place today, Jeff.  In urban centers, in poverty 
centers - we just don't do it openly as some other areas of the country or even 
the world do.  I take it you have never been in a ghetto where the junkies use 
the halls for toilets.  I have.  Believe me, people still consider the entire 
world their privy.  I can guarantee you that farmers and ranchers and others in 
the country - mostly men, still urinate out in the open and think nothing of 
it.  Women have more of a problem because of our body structure and we 
certainly do envy the ability of men to just whip it out and go.  


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