[bct] Re: Holistic health-- auras - western medicine.

  • From: The Scarlet Wombat <coconut@xxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 18:27:38 -0500

Jeff, I do not believe we are dealing with just opinion here. I could have an opinion that the sun will not rise tomorrow, but it will, despite my opinion. Were auras being seen by only a couple of people, it would probably be a matter of opinion, but we are talking about millions, which would tend to suggest that opinion is not the operative factor, here.

My suggesting you did not hear all of my podcast were merely based on your making comments I dealt with at some length. It was natural to assume that you had not heard it all, there was nothing rude about that at all.

In your original email, you noted, several times, that Western medicine was vastly superior to other forms and that you would put your trust in it over other forms. My conclusions were only based on that.

THE MEDICINE PRACTICED IN THE US is state of the art for its type, but not for other types that have had answers to many of our most pressing medical conundrums for milennia.

The big bang is not an opinion, but that is for another cast or email.

I have not stated that scientific testing is unreliable, rather, I noted that it only provides part of a picture and that anecdotal evidence is as valuable, if not more so as it emphasizes experience rather than experiment.

We know, using your analogy, that battery acid cannot cure headaches without causing great harm to the individual because experience has shown this. No double blind, peer reviewed experiment is necessary to validate this point. Touching a hot wood stove causes a burn, this is easily shown by experience. In the same way, many things about our world are first understood due to experience, then seen in better detail by experiment. Sadly, few experiments exist to validate auras, so for now, experience will have to do.

I do not distrust scientific testing methods, I merely understand their limitations and restrictions. They can only test things that are testable with current technology. We cannot test for gravitons because, apparently, we just do not have the ability yet.

Photographs prove auric existence, and if we try to dismiss photographs, then microchips should not exist, pictures from the Hubble space telescope are all faked, and the photographs that are used to learn about high energy particle collisions in accelerators like Fermilab and CERN are of no consequence because they could be faked. Can photographs be faked, surely, is this often done in modern science, no, because of the extreme consequences for being caught cheating.

You very well know, Jeff, that I am aware that Vulcan is a fictional planet, it is often useful to make fictional references in writing to make a point. Condesention on this is unnecessary.

Once again, you are not catching my point. Your bone spur exists and you know from the pain, that is your experience. You do not need a scientific experiment to know that you are in pain. In the same way, I see auras and I do not need an experiment to tell me what I am seeing.

I never said that we could not know the truth of something, I merely said and aver that scientific evidence is by no means the last word on such issues.


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