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Golly, so many points to pick apart, so little time.  

I guess I'll organize this away from the rambling science fundamentalism 
diatribe so it makes more sense.


While considered alternative, Chiropractic developed in America and is part of 
Western medicine,  Most doctors now admit that chiropractic treatment is 
effective for back and neck pain and those who don't are science fundies and 
generally useless.  

Also, western medicine includes doctors of Osteopathy which are doctors who are 
medical doctors who also do chiropractic manipulations they have renamed 


Chiropractors are no more psychic than M.D.'s or D.O's or dentists are.  The 
M.D. who misdiagnosed my mother's cancer made a mistake and it was a logical 
mistake based on his past experience.  

How do you know that the same did not happen with your aunt's chiropractor?  I 
realize you are angry, but your aunt chose to see only a chiropractor and not 
avail herself of a secondary opinion from a medical doctor or anyone else, from 
the sounds of it.  

Chiropractors regularly refer to medical doctors.  Doctors refer to 
chiropractors.  Neither of them have crystal balls when it comes to treatment.  
If you realized how much misdiagnosis and death went on at the hands of an M.D. 
you'd probably never go again.  But the fact is that people die - it is a 
natural thing, not an unnatural thing.


Acupuncture was starting to be integrated into Western medicine years ago.  In 
the 60's one of the doctors in the little practice we went to practiced 
acupuncture for various problems including weight loss, sleep disturbance, etc. 
 He also used hypnosis.  He was an M.D.  

Acupuncture has been proven to stimulate endorphins and control pain. 
Acupuncuture is used for major surgery in China - no medication for pain and 
the patient is not suffering.  Acupuncture reduces swelling - no one knows the 
method, but it works and it works dramatically.  It helps with endometriosis 
pain.  It doesn't cure cancer, it doesn't do a lot of things, but what it does, 
it does well.  

Reiki, like acupuncuture, generally deals with pain issues and it works 
energetically, just like acupuncture and acupressure does.  It is so good at 
dealing with stress and pain that it is taught to nurses to help patients deal 
with pain and stress when hosptialized.  In fact, my nurse practitioner who was 
trained at Harvard in Boston was taught reiki there - in a bastion of western 

Crystal therapy - not that you mentioned it - but it is something I hear about 
- I consider sort of on the bogus side, but that is because crystals are merely 
transmitters of energy as in pizoeletric.  


Everything has some sort of an aura because everything is made of the stuff the 
universe is made of.  Trees have auras.  Rocks have auras, if you know how to 
distinguish them.  Humans have auras too.  We can photograph auras using 
kirillian photography or aural photography.  I can't see them, but I can feel 

I can tell where "hot spots" are on people when I am working on them and I can 
find a muscle knot or a hidden bruise under clothing without touching someone.  
Would I use aural work to cure typhoid?  Not as a first choice, no.  If it was 
all there was, then I'd do my best to help the person rest and give their 
immune system a chance to work and help fight the infection.  I'd also find a 
homeopath or an herbalist to provide care.

 Did you know that you can use hypnosis (assuming the hypnotist is a good one) 
and have teeth extracted without pain or major surgery done without pain?  For 
some persons who would die from the anesthetics, there is no other option.  I 
had an acquaintance in Anchorage who did hypnotic pain desensitization work for 
dental procedures and things as complex as an appendectomy.   Biofeedback grew 
out of hypnosis which has been around since there were shamen, only now there 
are machines.  There is really not a whit of difference, as my biofeedback 
technician (a clinicial psychologist with a PhD)  told me when I was doing it.  
It is only easier to tell when you are making progress now in terms of watching 
your temperature in your fingers rise and fall on the computer screen.  
Hypnosis and biofeedback work equally well on blood pressure and migraines.  
And what I do with friends of mine with serious migrains works as well as what 
their hypnotherapists and biofeedback technicians do a
 s it
 involves a number of the same self-healing techniques they use.


Homeopathy is a well recognized science in England, much to the chagrin of 
M.D.'s and it was also the first organized medicine in the U.S. until the 
M.D.'s drove them out of their own organization and did a great job of lying 
about homeopathy.  

Interestingly enough, in countries that recognize homeopathy (everywhere but 
here in terms of the western world) the greatest moves to allow diabetics to 
care for their own blood glucose measurements came far before the American M.D. 
was willing to lose the income from monthly blood tests.  A pox on all their 
houses for all the people they killed without a qualm because of chasing the 
almighty dollar.  What incredible arrogance most M.D.'s have.  

Since homeopathy works on animals there is, in fact, proof that it does work 
because you can't convince an animal it will improve and thereby create a 
placebo effect.


I admit it - I take some pills. And every time I put one in my mouth I know it 
could kill me or maim me for life.  Let's see, the fen-phen debacle comes to 
mind.  The people who die from reactions to antibiotics.  The psychotics who 
are forced to take antipsychotics that will give them such terrible and 
irreversable side effects that they are physically destroyed by it and 
sometimes die from the side effects.  Are you better off delusional or unable 
to walk, talk, or swallow?  

But even if the medication works the right way, doesn't do what it did to Ariel 
Sharon (he is the way he is because of taking medication to thin his blood, you 
know) you still owe most of what you take to herbalists and traditional healers 
because we've been using this stuff for time out of mind it its natural form. 


Realize that most of the time you are going to an allopathic physician they are 
making an educated guess at what the problem is.  I've had specialists admit to 
me that they don't know what my skin problem is nor why I have it and they 
certainly have no idea what to do about it.  They do know my granddaughter has 
the symptoms of a disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (a neuromuscular 
disorder) but she does not have the genetics for it - after two tests. I say 
that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck.  Deal with 
the issue and worry about the genetic profile later.  

I find that people who have a blend of western and eastern training are more 
rational about what can and cannot be done.  Andrew Weil is a pretty good 
example of that, for the most part and so is my nurse practition who is a 
Harvard trained nurse practitioner who is also an acupuncturist and a Chinese 
herbalist and who has been well employed in the western medical community.  


While I agree that Western medicine has, on average, been more helpful than 
harmful in the last 50 years, it has also provided us with the low fat diet 
that spawned the obesity epidemic in America, the thalidomide disaster that 
afflicted many children, and many more problems.  So there has been a balance 
of benefit and detriment.  


And I must disagree that it is not true that only survival abilities win out in 
the gene pool or there would be no genetic blindness, no genetic difficulties 
like my granddaughter has, etc.  In fact, there are all sorts of inherited 
disabilities that are not profound enough to totally eliminate people from the 
gene pool in a civilized society or which are recessive and are not bred out so 
they keep popping up again. My daughter has an autosomal dominant disorder and 
apparently a recessive one as well, so it is not that people who utilize other 
forms of healing are not just blindly rejecting western medicine, but that 
recognizing there is more to the world than just western medicine.


There have been at least five mass extinctions in the last 3.5 billion years 
and I believe I can say with confidence we cannot blame folk medicine on them.  

With or without the Chinese belief in Tiger penis or Rhino horn as medicine, 
these animals are doomed because our world is so over populated that they will 
either be eaten or so confined that there will not be enough space for them to 
exist.  Chimps are being eaten by starving Africans and they will soon be gone 
- not as folk medicine, but food.


Life expectancy was much higher before a) grains were farmed and b) cities 
developed which put people in close and unsanitary proximity to each other.

American Indians had a pretty good life expectancy until white people got here 
- but they generally did not grow grains and they did not stay in the same 
place long enough to get ill from waste products. 

Dan will give you more of the scoop on the grain problem and life expectancy.  


If steer manure is the best sort of fertilizer, why is human waste so bad?  In 
fact, they use solid human waste in other countries and they are not all dead 
yet as all our teeming billions are still here.

I know Dan is going to write something as well, so I will end with this.  No 
point in beating an issue to death. 

I suspect you have gathered that I disagree with much of your post.  (smile)


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