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I've seen too many people put faith into some "alternative" practice and die because they abandoned their doctor's prescribed treatment or neglected to even bother consulting a REAL doctor. A chiropractor will try to fix your back pain until you die of the cancer that was the actual cause of your pain. I've witnessed this first hand and lost an aunt because of her belief in this. "western" medicine beats the hell out of any other thing being touted. I'll put western medicine's success rate up against anything anyone else wishes to back. Furthermore, when it comes to auras and all that kind of thing, I'm trying to keep an open mind, but it just sounds like make-believe. Show me some evidence of the claims being made. If I have a aura, nobody can see it. If you are blind, you can only see whatever you imagine, nothing else. I say this as a blind person who knows. No verifiable scientific experiment or demonstration has ever proven the existence of any information carrying aura. If there was something as miraculous as a field surrounding the human body which carried information, why the heck would it be wasted on broadcasting your jewelry preferences? This would require some active ability to translate jewelry being worn into an electric signal which could be plucked out of thin air. This would mean that the wearer would have to be purposely sending out a message, "I'm wearing diamonds and gold.", or something like that. In evolution, only survival based abilities win out in the gene pool. How does transmitting one's taste in jewelry help them to survive? I'll stand for corrections that have proof that can be specifically cited. I'll be glad to copy thousands of published articles and reports which demonstrate the accomplishments of "western", also known as "modern" medicine. We should distinguish between the healthful benefits of hands on therapies which help with relaxation and create a positive atmosphere and help to focus a person's mind on their healing, and those techniques and therapies that are total bunk. Stick with the doctor's advice. Or, for kicks, we can all go back to a time when the average life expectancy was about 35 years and "eastern" medicine was already thousands of years old and curing little to nothing. And, what is it that makes rhino horn and tiger penis and bear gull bladder so valuable, it is unproven treatments based on ancient beliefs. Thank you for the endangered species.

To be clear, I'm not talking about biofeedback or other techniques which allow a person to pay attention to their body and relax, the benefits of which have been shown in scientific studies. Meditation has also been shown to be an effective way to allow relaxation. I am open to any practice from wherever, which can be shown to heal people. Just because a person says they are healed does not make it so. We are supposed to be logical thinking humans, we should always demand proof of anything another person says. If you choose, personally, to put absolute faith in any practice, that is your right. By all means, feel free to follow the Chinese medicine of the ancient dynasties. Remember, however, that China is adding more and more REAL, or should I say, "western", medical treatments to their doctor's bag every day. .

How many people died of polio? How many people died of smallpox? And, of course, there are hundreds of other examples. Some diseases, like smallpox, don't give one a chance to build a tolerance. They kill you the first time you get them. Thus the need to create vaccinations. I guess we all have to weigh the benefits vs. the drawbacks. I don't know whether vaccinations have caused autism or any other syndrome. But, without them, millions of people would have died. Highways have surely injured and killed more people than vaccinations could possibly have. Should they be removed or avoided? I say no, I take my chances every time I buckle in. Over time, hopefully, medical science will continue to progress to invent a vaccination technique and chemical compound that has no risks to the user, but don't count on it. Did you hear about that girl who died because her boyfriend ate peanuts and then kissed her later on? Even allergies can kill and we cannot possibly outlaw and avoid everything that can cause an allergy. Why do the heads of state of other lands come here for medical treatment? Because it is the best option. Note; I did not say perfect option, just the best.

People often try to build fear in others about "modern" living conditions, but, in earlier times, folks just urinated in the street and all other functions as well. In 1800s St. Paul, Minnesota, people would build their privies so that it stuck out over the bank of a stream. The waste material from the out buildings simply fell into the stream and ended up coating the bottom. Disease ran wild in this living condition and methane gas was a real hazard of their every-day life. We now separate and treat waste materials and keep it away from our environment as much as is possible. People now live longer and aren't killed by their own waste or that of their neighbors.

To be sure, the "natural" world contains many dangerous and deadly things like spiders, snakes, scorpions, mold, bacteria, and so on... Just calling something "natural" or "holistic", or even "organic" doesn't guarantee anything at all. Where do migrant workers who pick fruit and vegetables go to the bathroom? You got it, right there. We have personally witnessed this where some newly arrived immigrants have large vegetable plots for growing produce to sell at the farmer's market. One doesn't get to hear about all the produce that is thrown away or blocked from entering the country because it contains e.coli and other bacteria. But, I have read government reports on this situation. The e.coli comes from human waste used to fertilize the crops.

To summarize, review, carefully, any claim of the validity of any medical treatment or existence of any extraordinary ability or phenomenon, such things aren't always harmless. I'll rely on the most modern and well researched medicine in the world, regardless of it's origin. And, I'll feel free to deny the existence of anything that cannot be proven to exist, to do otherwise is anyone's choice and is more of a belief system, not scientific fact.

Jeff Armstrong
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I agree with you Beth. If someone bought it that may give them more
incentive to practice the biofeedback technique. If it worked for them that
is a good thing. As for me, turning off my work computer and reading a few
messages from Dan do wonders for my blood pressure!

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Hey, guys, that Resperate is interesting, but I think you could do the same
thing listening to slow music and breathing in rhythm to that. What do you
think? Beth

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