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Hi Mary,

I hope that you also remember all the horrible stories that were never
written because they did not occur after children received vaccinations etc.
for polio, whooping cough, diphtheria etc.  Yes, there are undoubtedly
problems with some of our immunizations.  And, by the way, I approve of the
holistic approach, but how often do you think this applies in the center of
our cities?

Alan Schlank

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I, too,  am opposed to vaccination unless it's an absolute emergency. There 
have been so many stories, backed up by professional nutritionists, of 
children who were fine before they got vaccinated, and then suddenly became 
autistic or worse afterward. The hollistic approach is to build the immune 
system up to a point where it can easily fight off nearly anything it comes 
into contact with. Most people who get every little thing that comes around,

have had so many antibiotics (which means anti-life) that they rely on the 
drugs and don't rely on the body' ability to heal itself.


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