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Hi Dan,

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but we once had a friend who worked for
Medicaid Fraud Control, transcribing undercover tapes of physicians who were
on the take or simply padding their services.  Quite a number of them were
caught and exposed, and several years later I knew someone else who, when
checking her medical insurance bills, found that her insurance carrier had
been billed for office visits which she had not even gone to.  I know that
the majority of physicians in private practice are honorable, but there are
and will always be those who are just in it for the all mighty dollar.


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> Beth, I suspect that pharmacist was either jaded, or on the take.  It is
> true that many doctors get many perks from the pharmaceuticals, this is
> quite true, but knowing several doctors very well, I am pretty sure that
> they don't get a kickback for every prescription they write.
> Dan

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