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mine is at www.livejournal.com/users/anglwings303
I'm thinking of deleteing it though, because I rarely update, and when I do the netries are generally boring, lol.


04:46 PM 1/27/2006, you wrote:
Hey, Kerri, Hope, and the rest of the BCT list.  I've just been over to
Kerri's blog and I love it!  I'm an Anne McCaffrey/Broadway fan, too!  And
I'm 25, so I'm kinda sorta the Hope/Kerri age bracket. *smile*  That's part
o' what's so great about the BCT list -- we can meet friends we would
probably never have met otherwise! ...

So now all we gotta do is meet some guys. LOL!! I'm kidding!

Who else here has a blog?  I'm always interested in new blogs to devour.

Mine is at http://audsandends.blogspot.com.  Y'all check it out!

Much love,
Sarah (and Guide Dog Chutney)

P.S.  LOL I meant my guide dog's name is Chutney ... not that I'm eating
chutney made from guide dogs.

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Hi Kerri,
I loved the entries I've read thus far of your blog.  We have similar
interests, especially in the areas of Anne McCaffrey, broadway shows, and
others, though I can't remember exactly everything.  Anyway, thanks for that
glimpse into your life, it was very fun to read.


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