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Dana, you said,
"I spent big on the Edirol R-1 and my wife says no more expenditures
over $100.00's until after Christmas."
Well, how badly does your wife want to hear those nice relaxing sounds
you will record with good mikes?
I will do some research on microphones under $100.  I am really not
sure what is out there.  Of course, there is the Sound Professionals
web site, they have some not very expensive microphones.  Another
route one could go is to do some research on the stereo mikes one can
get for the Olympus recorders.  They are made for their own recorders,
but I have also gotten them to work on other recorders that have an
8th inch mini jack.
I'll see what I can find.
By the way, thanks for the compliments on my podcast.

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Just finished listening to your piece on the placement of microphones.
You bad boy, my wife heard the sound of Lake Superior, the first one
and the birds.  I have been forced to loop these sounds and store them
in her bedside MP3 box for relaxation.  I must remember to turn the
speaker volume down when listening to your very, and did I say very
clear recordings.  Now, please consider doing the cheap microphone
piece next as I really need to know what I should buy to replace my
$3.88 cent Wal-Mart special.  I wrote to Jerry after his piece on mics
but received no response to my request for information on a cheap,
great sounding stereo microphone.  I spent big on the Edirol R-1 and
my wife says no more expenditures over $100.00's until after
Christmas.  Help!

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