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Dana, you can get the bookport at:

www.aph.org <http://www.aph.org/> 

the American printing house for the blind-this is where Larry works.  


I will call you later this morning to walk you through some examples of
using IPODDER.  





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I just finished listening to you shopping for books at Audible.  Sounds like
you have as much fun their as I do.  I wish web designers would remove the
information we have already heard from the next page when we move forward.
I have also found that jump to body link does not work at all.  What is the
voice you used with Window Eyes when you were doing that cast?  It sounds
like that guy is riding down a very bumpy road as he is talking, lol!
Please tell me, anyone, where I can get a book port and what exactly is it?
Still in the dark on this one.  Thanks in advance!



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