[bct] Re: Hi Dan!

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  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 05:48:16 -0600

Hi Dan:
Lol, know what you mean man. I have not downloaded Juice yet as I am waiting for all you guys to tell me if I want too or not. So far, it sounds like I don't. I've really just gotten Ipodder mastered and I'm not fond of software that updates are released for every couple of months. Freedom Scientific tries to use up my SMA. updates every year doing this, changing some small thing, releasing a new version then trying to make me use it, so, I fight back.

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Thanks Dana. I have made friends of a sort with Juice, but still am mystified as to why it lost all the subscriptions twice. It seems to be keeping itself well enough now, but if it happens again, I am going to redownload and install it, figuring that there is corruption someplace...kind of like in Congress.


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