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Hello Christian,
I enjoyed your Sonas XT radio you demoed. I heard a breif one on the Soundings show. I have to admit that I'm not too impressed with the human speech. To singy-songy.I hope when IBOC in the US is widely available, I hope that there will be a radio designed for us here also. Take care and God bless.
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for further information about converting from WAV to MP3, you can also grab a copy of cdex, this program can also be used to record podcasts too, riz demonstrates this on one of his pod casts, I use it myself and find it is good, it's primary purpose is to rip audio from cds, but it does come in useful for recording pod casts right in to MP3 format as wel as other weird and wonderful formats such as something called OGG vorbis, MP2, monkies audio etc.

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