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Buddy, that is so wonderful.  I commend you and your wife for adopting a
special-needs child.  So often they are passed over for "normal" children.
I'm sure her papers can be corrected with time.


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> Actually, we got a lot less hassle than we expected. Our adoption
> facilitator did lots of running around, we spent lots of time sitting
> in the car, but we got the feeling that a lot of people were really
> doing all they could to make things as easy for us as they could.
> This surprised us a lot, since, well, it's very common for officials
> to ask for, and adopting families to pay, bribes (euphemistically
> called "expediting fees", but they're not set and they're very
> unofficial--let's call them what they are). Anyway, our facilitator
> rightly encourages his families not to pay these bribes--while it may
> be "the way it's done", there's no reason for us to perpetuate it and
> expand it and makee the problem worse, which is what's happened over
> there. We didn't pay the bribes. In fact, we were asked only once,
> and when we refused and said we'd have our case heard on its merits,
> we were never asked again, and no one gave us any trouble. Fact is,
> the judge was very nice, and everyone wished us luck.
> Alena's going to have an identity crisis, though. Our facilitator
> gave her the wrong name in court, and so all her official paperwork
> says different things. Some places it says Alena Grace Brannan (which
> should be correct). Most places say her name is Alisa Grace Brannan.
> (We need to fix this eventually, but having it changed in Ukraine
> would've been a huge pain, and we just wanted to go home!) And then,
> her Ukrainian passport says her name is Alise grace. She's five now,
> and she was four when we got her, but she's the size of a two-year-
> old. We were told she had lots of health problems, which was OK--we
> didn't want a "normal" child, everyone else wants those. Ironically,
> she didn't have the problems they told us she did, but they didn't
> tell us about her seizures, which are now under control. She really
> is the joy of our lives, and she for sure keeps us on our toes!
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