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Hi Buddy,
I, for one, eagerly await any audio file about your experience.  Wow, It
should illuminate our real fortune about living in the USA.  It's not
perfect here, but it doesn't sound as traumatic as living abroad.

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> Hey Maria,
> Well, I reckon I have to write it first. But i'm here to tell ya--the
> trip to Ukraine was a real eye-opener. It really gives you
> perspective. For one thing, we spent a lot of time literally locked
> in the apartment we were staying in, the only time we left being the
> trips by taxi to the orphanage to visit Alena. The attitude towards
> disability is a lot different, and people generally think we
> shouldn't do much more than stay home anyway. That said, most people
> we *did* run into were very friendly and helpful, and they seemed to
> take our being out among them in stride, even though it was certainly
> something outside of what they considered normal. This probably says
> something about human nature and society, but I'm not quite sure what
> that is yet. Anyway, it'll be interesting to write it and put it
> together. Maybe I'll be able to splice in a couple of recordings from
> the crappy portable tape recorder into the podcast. *LOL*
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