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Buddy, please forgive me.  In my previous message to you I called you Jake,
I believe.  I think I'd just read a message of his and the name just stuck
in my head.  Again, I'm sorry.


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> Hey Maria,
> Well, I reckon I have to write it first. But i'm here to tell ya--the
> trip to Ukraine was a real eye-opener. It really gives you
> perspective. For one thing, we spent a lot of time literally locked
> in the apartment we were staying in, the only time we left being the
> trips by taxi to the orphanage to visit Alena. The attitude towards
> disability is a lot different, and people generally think we
> shouldn't do much more than stay home anyway. That said, most people
> we *did* run into were very friendly and helpful, and they seemed to
> take our being out among them in stride, even though it was certainly
> something outside of what they considered normal. This probably says
> something about human nature and society, but I'm not quite sure what
> that is yet. Anyway, it'll be interesting to write it and put it
> together. Maybe I'll be able to splice in a couple of recordings from
> the crappy portable tape recorder into the podcast. *LOL*
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