[bct] Re: Hey Larry and Rob, what about developing arecorder?

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That is certainly a consideration.  That would solve the storage
problem.  Of course, there would be some hard disc noise as the unit
spins up, but with external mics, this could be negligable.

>>> kaixiong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Wednesday, March 08, 2006 8:56:11 AM >>>
Greetings Larry.

Why not build the device with a miniature 20/40 gb hard drive? I know
hard drives are less than adequate for outdoor recording (especially
one elect to use the internal microphone(s)), but hard drives really
the cheapest storage option, gigabit to dollar.
You'd want to insolate the hard drive with shock-absorbent material of
course, and in addition, may want to add a removable media card slot
case someone needs that functionality).

When it comes to firmware rom, you could stand to lower voice quality
some, say, down to 8KHZ, to preserve space (And by voice quality, I
the machine's speech feedback). An 8KHZ, mono sample should take very
little room.

There are 1-inch hard drives on the market, so size wouldn't really be
too much of an issue here either.


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Unfortunately, that means some large storage capacity and battery life
which are still a little on the expensive side.

>>> coconut@xxxxxxx Tuesday, March 07, 2006 8:39:51 PM >>>
Actually, all you need in a recorder is the ability to record in wav
that way, you can edit them and convert to anything you wish after the


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