[bct] Re: Hey Larry and Rob, what about developing arecorder?

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Dan, the problem here is that I believe whoever makes a recorder now
will have to decide between flash and SD media.  I'm beginning to think
that flash cards may or may not be around forever.  Of course, nothing
is, although scotch has managed to last for a long time.  Using an SD
card is not a problem.  In fact, it might make the unit smaller. The
upper limit for SD is 2 GB at the moment, but I am sure this will


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Larry, you could use the compact flash card, putting the cost of the 
storage on the purchaser.  4 gig cards are not that pric any 
longer.  Battery could be a lion type used in camcorders, even a fairly 
small one will give you several hours of high grade recording, a larger
would do even more.  The smaller one could be provided, the customer 
getting a larger one if desired as we do with the Sound Devices 700


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