[bct] Re: Hey Larry and Rob, what about developing a recorder?

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Hey, let me ad my own small voice to this.  I'd love this recorder to have a 
multitrack environment, mpg1, mpg2, mp4 and of course, 5.1 channel encoding. 
Come on y'all, maybe we can finally have a recorder which is way better even 
than Pro Tools and leave Mac in the dust on this one.

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Subject: [bct] Hey Larry and Rob, what about developing a recorder?

So, Bill, I guess what we all want is a good, not very expensive
recorder with good quality and one that is also accessible.  Hmmm, seems
like a market for APH, does it not.  Come on Rob, as much as you know
about recorders, you should be able to turn one out in no time.  In all
seriousness, would APH consider doing such a thing?

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Ideal Recorder?

Hello Mika,

I own the M-Audio Microtrack recorder.  It makes very good recordings as
you may have heard on Larry's walk from a few days ago.  It is very
small and easy to carry in a pocket, but it is barely usable without
sighted help.  I have mastered the process of getting it started
recording and have been able to get some very good recordings.  I found
Larry's latest walk recording with the Olympus WS 320M to be the worst
of his recordings so far.  The main problem was wind noise in the mics
he was using, but the traffic and other sounds didn't come close to a
natural sound and a good part of the time it was impossible to hear his
voice.  The previous walk recorded on the Microtrack was very clear and
you could hear Larry's voice very well even when loud trucks passed,
etc.  I could clearly hear a wall present on Larry's right a couple of
times.  There was a little distortion here and there, but the train and
other sounds were very real and natural sounding.

It will always get down to what you want to record and what quality is
important to you.  I think you are probably right to consider the Eddie
Roll.  I don't have one, but the recordings I have heard from it are
very good and it seems to be far more accessible than the Microtrack.


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Subject: [bct] Olympus WS320M Walking Podcast - Electrical Hum - Ideal


I listened with interest to the podcast with the WS320M.  I notice that
on periods of silence, you can clearly hear something that sounds like
an electrical hum or hiss.  I don't believe you get this on the Iriver
IFP899, but I would have to double check to be absolutely sure.

I don't know if the hum/his comes from recording at 64K, or due to some
other artifac of the recorder/mic combo.

It is an ok recording, but I don't know if I would say it is the "best"
recorder, etc.

I don't think we really have identified a "best" recorder.  Once you get
used to it, the Iriver is ok, but the controls are not very accessible.
Once in a while with the Iriver you may find it does not record when you
think it will, etc.  This is especially true if you are having to stop
and start the recording, etc.  Also I have not found a way to know when
the Iriver battery is dying, so I usually find out again by it not
having recorded.

I found that the Plextalk with Preamp and mic was too big/too many
wires.  I do a lot of sound seing recordings, and I need something that
is very quick to get it out and on and put away and off.

The Milestone looked promising, but it has received lackluster reviews
from both Blind Access Journal and Don Barrett.

I wonder if perhaps the Edirol is "the best."  Again 90% sort of sound
seing type activities.  I briefly took a look at the Edirol.  It has
some very nice built in stereo mics.  The one bad thing I remember is
there is no neck strap or the like so that might be a problem doing lots
of sound seing and running around with it.  I believe that Jonathan
Mosen uses the Edirol.

I would be curious about the other recorder Larry uses, I believe some
type of EmAudio?


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