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  • From: "LARRY SKUTCHAN" <lskutchan@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 12:00:46 -0500

I sure do remember Words and ProWords.  I bet I spent thousands of hours
of my life on those programs.  We have come a long way since then, and I
am very glad we have.  Those were great programs, but modern software
does so much more.  There are still some things about Words that I wish
we had today, but overall, I'm very pleased with today's computing
platforms and accessibility.

>>> randy1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thursday, March 16, 2006 7:58:01 AM >>>
Hey Larry Randy here, I wanted to ask you a question.  Do you remember

a computer program for the apple2e called words?  I think I am wanting

to relive my childhood or something, I was reading some old rdc news 
letters on the net, and I saw a mention of a program that you wrote 
called words.  This issue was from 1985 you were probably in your late

20s like I am now.  I'm not a computer programmer like yourself, but I

used to use an old apple 2e and the echo plus software in school.  I 
sometimes wish I could have owned that system it was pretty great for 
the time.  Back to rdc for a minute, it also mentioned Compuserve and 
getting on line.  I know computers have changed allot over the years, 
but in a way their still the same.  I know we can use allot more 
mainstream software now days, but it still seems we must still use some

kind of special software to make it work.  It seemed like back in the 
80s different computers excelled at different things.  For example the

old commodore 64 could do some nice music, the apple was used allot in

the blindness community and you had the Tandy and ibm and all of the 
other's.  Now their's only three different operating systems, I wonder

why.  I mean I know their are other's besides the three but you never 
here about them.  What if you could design a computer from the ground 
up that was built for blind people.  I mean you could make it so a 
sighted person could use it also, but what if you wrote the operating 
system and the software all for blind folks like us.  The computer 
could have all of the things we use now, but it could be optimized for

blind folks.  Imagine a computer Ware the whole thing works and all of

your programs have speech and Braille, and their was an accessible 
recording package and dvd and every thing Else that a blind computer 
user would want.  I know such a computer would be expensive at first, 
but think about it for a minute, google is getting ready to make a low

cost computer with their own operating system.  I know I'm rambling a 
bit I just have Ben thinking about my computer past and present.  I 
have only Ben using a computer for about a year now, I used to have the

apple in school.  When I graduated in 1994 I did not mess with a 
computer again until November of 2004.  I had a friend of mine download

the 40 minute demo of jaws and I haven't looked back.  My state rehab 
is getting ready to help me get jaws and cakewalk and the cake talking

scripts for my recording studio which is not accessible to me yet.  My

cousin is helping me with it now, but I don't know we are kind of going

in different directions and I'm going to have to learn how to run the 
recording software myself.  I'm a little nervous to say the least, what

if I have a major crash during an important session, and then I can't 
see the screen to fix the problem.  Oh well I just wanted to wrap a 
little with you all, and tell you what is going threw my blind 
computing mind.  Talk to you soon.

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