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You are talking about ProWords, and that was a program from the old
MicroTalk.  ProTerm was the other one.  I used them both on my Apple Iie and
Iic computers.  I was fortunate that I had a computer at home while in high
school.  I used to read the RDC newsletters from November of 1984 until
Jesse Kaysen left the company.  I didn't enjoy reading the newsletters after
BEX and Braille-Edit were the other two programs I used on the Apple, in
addition to Textalker.

                  Matt Roberts

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> The program was called Pro-word, it might have been 
> Pro-Words, I don't remember.  I used it with my apple 2plus, 
> Apple 2, and my Apple 2gs.  It was a great program that not 
> only did exactly what I needed it to do, but did it very 
> quickly.  So, Larry is very much ahead of the curve.

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