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MessageThat's very interesting.
I used to live in Hershey Pennsylvania where the chocolate factory is and let 
me tell you, they definitely sell lots of it.

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  In a chocolate tasting testing I attended a few months ago, given by a 
chocolate scientist here at the University of Wisconsin, we tasted chocolate of 
a wide variety of percentages of Coco and Coco butter, from all over the world. 
 What we found is that Hershey's came in dead last when we rated them.  One of 
the reasons is it's texture.  If you place some on your tongue and rub it 
against the roof of of your mouth, it is more grainy than other chocolate.  
Many people commented on this and I also found it true.  It's melting point is 
higher than many chocolates, so it does not melt as quickly in one's mouth, and 
thus the grainy texture.  I'm not knocking anyone's love of this particular 
chocolate, but this is what we found.


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    Actually, many of us in the U.S. agree with you, at least as far as the 
everyday chocolate goes.  We have to go to a candy store in the mall to get the 
good stuff, (See's) and it's far more expensive.  I've never understood why our 
everyday chocolate lags so far behind other countries.  *sigh*

    Karen Delzer

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    Frankly ... and this may alienate me from all those who live in the US ... 
but I'm not a keen fan of US chocolate.  I loooovvvvveeee very much, however, 
English Cadbury chocolate.  It's creamier than ours in Australia and I would 
just about walk to England to get it!


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      Hi Pam and all,

      I still like Hershey's and Nestle's. Hershey's reminds me of my childhood 
at Grandma's house; after dinner she'd get a big Hershey bar out, break it up 
into a bowl, and we'd sit and watch TV and munch. Comfort food; what more can I 

      Mary Emerson
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