[bct] Re: Help with the iriver 899

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:54:34 -0500

The Iriver 899 is not a new model,  its hard to find in stores.  I just
ordered it from JR.com.  The Olympus ds200 cost a little more than the
Iriver 899 probably because its a newer product.
I too am in need of an accessible  manual for the 899.
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Is this a new unit, Steve.
I almost purchased it but realized that I could get two WS-200's for the
price of one iRiver and I really only needed the recording feature.  I
already own a Rio Carbon mp3 player.
You might try looking online for the manual.    I'm going to do that as
By the way, your podcast had some entertaining moments and I agree with
you about our NYC food. <grin>  But I'm certain that others would have
similar opinions about their own town's cuisine.  
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Subject: [bct] Help with the iriver 899

Does anyone have a manual on this unit or how to enable the line in for
another mic, or how to delete voice files

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