[bct] Re: Help with a Christmas present for my wife

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  • Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 23:22:41 -0500

MessageHi Neil,

When I signed up with Audible I purchased a muvo MP3 player from them.  All 
I'll say is that when Lynne and I tried to download to it, my computer almost 
crashed.  We have no idea what went wrong, but we never attempted to use it 
again.  I gave it to her sister, I believe.  Lynne says that the Rio carbon 
would be a good player for your wife.  She had pretty good success with it and 
she doesn't have 20/20 vision.  Hope this helps a bit.


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  Hi all.  I would like to buy my wife an MP3 player that can read audible.com 
books.  She is sighted so doesn't need the bookport.  I have read a little 
about the Nuvo.  I have two questions.

  1.  Does anyone use the nuvo?  If so, are there any problems like taking over 
ones computer much as the ipod did before we discovered anapod?

  2.  Are there other players that people use?  I could buy an ipod shuffle, 
but it would be nice to have a display and I gather the Nuvo has one.  Any help 
would be appreciated.


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