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Jake, which version of Adobe are we talking about?  Sometimes, when you
first load the program, there is a dialog that pops up that basically
asks you to do something like confirm the license.  I don't remember
exactly what it says, but there have been times when I have seen this
that I had to use the JAWS cursor to find the OK button and then all was
OK.  Let me know if this works.

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Yep, Jake:
I'm having the same problems. I never thought adobe was all that
accessible. Ah, but that perhaps could be my lack of knowledge.
Sincerely, Jamie D.

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Hi everyone. Subject line pretty much says it all. I downloaded what I
thought was the latest version of Adobe from their site. I wanted to
test its accessibility with JAWS. However, when I tried to read a .pdf
file, the EULA kept coming up but I didn't see an Agree button or
anything. That is the farthest I got with it. I was going to try some
more things, but I've got to get ready to go to a pancake supper at my
church. Thanks in advance for anyone's help. What file do I need to

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