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And a cheery good afternoon or evening to you, Vince.  I'm not sure which it is 
in Leicester at the time of my writing.  Are you kidding?  From the sound of 
it, it seems to me like you have a lot to podcast about.  I for one would like 
to hear about some of the history of your town or village and what your living 
on top of.  As soon as you feel ready, just let 'er rip, as they say.  And 
please feel free to ask questions on practically anything.  See you on the list.


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  Hi everyone

  While it's relatively quiet, and my BlindCoolTech folder is actually empty 
<gasp!>, I thought it would be good to introduce myself. I've already pitched 
in to reply to one or two posts, but haven't said hello, so here goes.

  I'm Vince, living in Leicester, UK, a place about as land-locked as you can 
get in the UK, about 150 miles north of London.

  I first came across BlindCooleTech when Larry was demonstrating a talking 
tape measure - hey, not computer stuff, I thought, that makes a change! And 
Larry explained it all so thoroughly and calmly I ended up wanting one.

  Soon I was hearing about musicians with synaesthesia, audio equipment, audio 
games, healing and all kinds of slices of life that contributors let us share. 
I was pretty well hooked after a few podcasts and have been astonished by the 
range and depth of it all. My podcatcher has 60 or so podcasts listed in it - 
too much stuff to listen to in any ordinary week - and BlindCoolTech is always 
one of the must-listens.

  Not sure whether I'll ever make a podcast myself, as I'm not sure I've got 
that much to say, though ideas keep on popping up. For example, even in this 
boring glove-making town in the Midlands, I'm living on top of about 3,000 
years of history and there might be something of interest there. Also there are 
some good places to record environmental sound, like the river walk I sometimes 
take into town. There again, this has become an amazingly multi-cultural city, 
so there are Hindu festivals, and the Caribbean Carnival and many more events. 

  And it's occurred to me that I might have a slightly different take from some 
other people on accessibility issues. I'm in the process of losing my sight, 
but still rely to some extent on my residual vision. I have to re-learn all 
kinds of everyday tasks as I go. On the computer, factosrs such as font sizes 
and colour contrasts are more important to me than they would be to a totally 
blind person, so I need different coping strategies. So, who knows, maybe I'll 
have plenty to talk about after all!

  I don't have Jaws or Window Eyes or the likes yet, though I'm starting to use 
speech-based software  more and more. When I get tired of trying to read with 
my eyes I often paste text into ReadPlease and get it spoken to me. If I'm 
desperate I even use Windows Narrator at times, with the dreaded Microsoft Sam.

  I'm almost reluctant to mention being a musical person, as it's such a 
stereotype to be blind and musical! Anyway, there it is, and if I get set up 
with my didgital recorder soon, I might convert some old cassettes of my 
keyboard and synth stuff to digital format and send them off to Podsafe or 

  That's more than enough from this quarter, I'm sure. I'll look forward to 
being part of this amazing group. 

  Good wishes,

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