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Aloha Mary, 

I needed to respond to this one.  Well, since the time you visited Hawaii,
everything has become more commercialized.  Very unfortunate indeed.  Hawaii
you know, is a melting pot of all kinds of people from all different  ethnic
backgrounds, that it seems that the Hawaiians are almost lost in the mesh.
All the musical groups you mentioned here are legendary, and they've done
their best to keep the Hawaiian tradition alive, but more and more it seem,
that the music is losing it's true Hawaiian identity.  More and more, I hear
groups doing a watered watered down Jamican kind of music, which I think
should be left for Jamicans who do it very well.  Anyways, just thought I'd
respond to this message.  I hope one of these days, you'll come back to
visit, and who knows, maybe we could get together and do a podcast or
something.  Lance


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Lance and list,


I visited Hawaii with my family in 1972; I was only there for a week, and
part of that time was spent doing the usual tourist stuff in Honolulu, but
for the first four days we were in Hilo, and I loved that the best because
it wasn't so commercialized. I remember the park with the incredible
tropical plants and the volcanic tubes that you could crawl through, and
some of the other things we visited as we drove and walked around the Big


I have some folk music from there too--and Jaws is going to mess up some of
these names--some by the Brothers Kazimero, Iz Kamakawiwo'ole (his music
lives on!) and a two-CD set called "Musical Tradition" from various choirs
of the Kamehameha schools, and some music by the Beamers. As far as I'm
concerned, the more traditional, the bettter! I hope the Hawaiian traditions
and language can be kept alive.


Mary Emerson
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