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Lance and list,

I visited Hawaii with my family in 1972; I was only there for a week, and part 
of that time was spent doing the usual tourist stuff in Honolulu, but for the 
first four days we were in Hilo, and I loved that the best because it wasn't so 
commercialized. I remember the park with the incredible tropical plants and the 
volcanic tubes that you could crawl through, and some of the other things we 
visited as we drove and walked around the Big Island.

I have some folk music from there too--and Jaws is going to mess up some of 
these names--some by the Brothers Kazimero, Iz Kamakawiwo'ole (his music lives 
on!) and a two-CD set called "Musical Tradition" from various choirs of the 
Kamehameha schools, and some music by the Beamers. As far as I'm concerned, the 
more traditional, the bettter! I hope the Hawaiian traditions and language can 
be kept alive.

Mary Emerson
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